The controlling authority of the school frames the detail training syllabus required for training the security . This training must be for a minimum period of hundred hours of classroom instructions, and 60 hours of training spread over at least 20 working days. The ex servicemen and former police personnel shall however be required to attend a continuous course comprising of minimum 40 hours of classroom instructions and 16 hours of field training spread over at least 7 working days.

The training will include the following subjects , namely:-

(a). Conduct in public and correct wearing of uniform.
(b). Physical fitness training.
(c). Physical security, security of the assets, security of the building or apartment, personnel security, household security.
(d). Fire fighting.
(e). Crowd control.
(f). Examining identification papers including identity cards, passports and smart cards.
(g). Should be able to read and understand English alphabets and Arabic numerals as normally encountered in admission documents, arms licence, travel documents and security inspection sheet.
(h). Identification of improvised explosive devices.
(i). First aid.
(j). Crisis response and disaster management.
(k). Defensive driving( compulsory for the driver of armored vehicle and optional for others).
(l). Handling and operation of non- prohibited weapons and firearms (optional).
(m). Rudimentary knowledge of Indian penal code, right to private defense procedure for lodging first information report and the police station ,arms act (only operative sections), explosives act (operation sections).
(n). Badges of rank in police and military forces.
(o). Identification of different types of Arms in used in public and police.
(p). Use of security equipment and devices (for example: security alarms and screening equipment ).
(q). Leadership and management( for supervisions only).

The security guard will have to successfully undergo the training prescribed by the competent authority. On completion of the training the successful trainee will be awarded a certificate in form IV by the training institute of organisation.

The competent authority will inspect the functioning of training facility from time to time either by itself or through its own officers. Normally such inspection will be conducted at least twice every year.

Our agency shall submit a list of successful trainees to the controlling authority in the manner prescribed by it.

Standard of physical fitness for security guards-

(1). A person shall be eligible for being engaged or employed a security guard if he fulfills the standards of physical fitness as specified below:-
(¡). Height 160cms( for female 150cms), weight according to standard table of height and weight chest 80 cms with the expansion of 4 cms (for females no minimum requirement for chest measurement).
(¡¡). Eyesight; first sight vision 6/6 ,near vision 0.6/0.6 , with or without correction, free from colour blindness ,should be able to identify and distinguish colour display and security equipment and read and understand display in english alphabets and arabic numerals.
(¡¡¡). Free from knock-knee and Flat foot and should be able to run one km in 8 minutes.
(¡v). Hearing : free from defect, should be able to hear and respond the spoken voice and alarms and dated by security equipment.
(v). The candidates should have dexterity and strength to perform searches, handle object and use force for restraining the individuals in case of need.

(2). A candidate should be free from evidence of any contagious or infectious disease. He should not be suffering from any disease which is likely to be aggravated by service or is likely to randall him unfit for service are in danger the health of the public.

(3). Agency shall ensure that every security guard working for it undergoes a medical examination after every 12 months from his last search examination so SBI insurance continued maintenance of physical standard as prescribed for the entry level.

Provisions for supervisors.-

(1). There shall be one supervisor to supervise the work of not more than 15 private security guards.
(2). In case the private security guards are on security duty in different premises and it is not practical to supervise the work by one supervisor, the agency shall depute more number of supervisors so that at least for every six private security guards, there is one supervisor available for assistance, suggestion and supervision.